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Wood and Finishes


Our hand-selected wood is made exclusively from quality, high-grade wood so our hanging bed swings can endure outdoor elements, while retaining their natural beauty. We have four distinct options, each with their own characteristics and benefits to choose from.

Southern Pine

We use architectural grade, high strength, and highly appealing Southern Pine. Most of our competitors use #1 Select, which is a step below our architectural wood. Every board is hand selected and looks great on bed swings and great with rustic finishes. Also commonly referred to as Southern Yellow Pine, this traditional wood is our most affordable wood option. We recommend paint or colored stains to create a rustic finish when using pine.


Cedar Wood is known for retaining its beautiful grained texture after treatment and is resistant to warping. This type of wood is naturally strong against dynamic temperature and weather conditions. An excellent option to stain or match with any of our wood finishes,.


A lumber of choice for outdoor furniture, Cypress wood is watertight and naturally resilient against humidity and rain. A gorgeous texture and exceptional response to paint makes this wood type a perfect choice for any of our finishes.


Teak is one of the most popularly used lumbers in the world for outdoor furniture due to its exceptional resistance to decay and durability under weather. The common oils found in this wood also act as a natural insect repellent to keep your hanging bed swing free of unwanted guests. Teak is the best wood to use if not using a paint finish and you prefer to stain or an oil rub, which we recommend.


Each wood type can be finished with any one of our available stains. If you do intend on choosing a finish for your hanging bed swing, we recommend upgrading to Cypress, Cedar, or Teak wood which all take paint well and show with greater vibrancy.

Clear Stain

A clear stain finish is used to enhance the natural beauty of your chosen wood while protecting it from everyday wear.

Walnut Stai

A walnut stain finish adds a warm tint of brown that accentuates the grains of wood with its protective layer.

Vintage White

A classic finish with a touch of rustic charm to embrace a country cottage aesthetic.Vintage Black

Mixing dark paints to derive a sophisticated blend of red and black, this finish encourages a refined sense of modernity.


An appealing shabby-chic aesthetic that takes on a weathered look while feeling pristine.

Weathered Wood

This faux-antique treatment creates a lightly aged appearance to give its wood a strong sense of character.


A soft matte finish that takes on a driftwood motif and inspires a beachside theme.

Sea Glass

Gentle use of blue paint creates a slightly tinted expression over your chosen style of wood.

Sea Salt

A variation of the walnut stain to evoke a worn windswept impression.

Occasionally, we have used #1 Select Pine as they use but even hand picking each board it does not meet a high enough standard so we use Architectural Grade Wood instead, without knots and it features very nice looking grain. Our colored stains work great as a finish for our Architectural Grade Pine, as well as any of our paints.