"We have absolutely loved the swing and everyone goes nuts over it when they see it! You did such an unbelievable job!!!
I have a friend in Georgia building a big porch/fireplace and she may be interested once it begins and in the meantime I will pass along anyone else I know."
“I could not be happier with the 2 bed swings I had made. The attention to detail is great and communication throughout the process was also a plus.
I highly recommend!”
"It looks beautiful! The swing and cushions look awesome. Thanks again for everything! Absolutely LOVE it:)!!"
“So I bought a bed swing for our back porch for a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it!!!! I do too! Marty did a great job and it makes our back porch so much prettier and relaxing! I would recommend them to anyone!”
“We bought our Charleston bed swing from Marty and absolutely love it!! He did an amazing job, and made us not only a beautiful swing but it is also extremely comfortable! We have it hung under our deck overlooking the backyard. The quiet creak of the chains are enough to put us to sleep while we gently sway. It’s a great place for relaxation, reflection, and just hanging out. Our friends love it and it’s a place we gravitate to when we have a get together. We absolutely love it!!”
“We have been so happy that Marty made us 2 bed swings...they had to be an exact fit due to limited space but what a transformation! Everyone that sees them comments on his workmanship and detail...he is very talented!”
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