Manilla Rope

Hanging Options

Compliment your bed swing with several hanging options to match your style and decor. Choose between our hanging options below.


Our most popular means of hanging bed swings, rope is used to create a rustic theme. For all practical purposes, we recommend using synthetic rope to avoid the disadvantages of natural rope (shedding, molding, shrinking, and stretching).


Classic chain hangings are made popular by their adjustable nature and old-fashioned design, encouraging an industrial style of bed swing that boasts strength and functionality. The obvious durability of its interlinked structure makes this bed swing hanging option a commonly recognized favorite. (Special Request Only for Powder Coated Chains)

Stainless Cables

Give your hanging bed swing a sharp contemporary aesthetic with stainless cables. These stainless steel cables resist rust and other forms of degradation. This makes them an excellent low maintenance option over time. (Special Request Only for Stainless Cables)