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Manilla Rope
Manilla Rope

Hanging Options

Until fully suspended in the air bed swings have only realized half of their potential. Decide between four distinct bed swing hanging options, each unique in material and style. With several bed swing ideas our selection of swing bed hanging options allows you to find the right match and compliment your hanging bed swing.


Our rope selection for bed swings offers a variety of colors from white, black, and tan, allowing to match your hanging bed swing and its surroundings. Suspending swing beds by rope is used for creating a rustic theme while complimenting the natural tones of your bed swing’s wooden frame.

Shepherd Hooks

Beautifully simplistic and stoic in style, the shepherd hook’s characteristic cane design can be a refreshing departure from traditional rope and chain options. Its pointedly bold aesthetic creates a sense of modernity that dramatically emphasizes sleek and solid bed swing styles. (Currently Not Available)


Classic chain hangings are made popular by their adjustable nature and old-fashioned design, encouraging an industrial style of bed swing that boasts strength and functionality. The obvious durability of its interlinked structure makes this bed swing hanging option a commonly recognized favorite. (Special Request Only for Powder Coated Chains)

Stainless Cables

Give your hanging bed swing a sharp contemporary aesthetic with stainless cables. The stainless steel material that these hangings are composed of resist rust and other forms of degradation, making them an easily maintainable option over long periods of time. (Currently Not Available)