FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much space will I need for my Bed Swing?

A. The space depends on which size you choose. We recommend at least 1 ½ feet of clearance on each side of the bed swing to allow for normal swing or sway. We cannot guarantee any damage caused to the Bed Swing or to any items due to not enough space. We also recommend taking the Bed Swing down during storms or chances of moderate to high winds.

Q. Where can I hang my Bed Swing?

A. Most people install it on a covered porch or inside their house. We carry fabrics for mattresses, cushions and pillows that can suite interior and exteriors use. The fabrics used are specially engineered to be machine washable and is great against natural wear and resists fading from the sun.

Q. Do you hang the swingbed? OR How do I hang a swingbed?

A. We no longer install bed swings so we can dedicate our time to building the best bed swings we can. We highly recommend a licensed contractor to properly install the swing from 4 corners of the Bed Swing. The Bed Swing must be secured to the joists in the ceiling and they should be at least 2" x 6" joists.

Q. Do you provide any hardware?

A. Yes, we provide eye bolts attached to each corner of the Bed Swing if the bed style requires it. These are eye bolt lag screws. Our typical 1" Manilla Rope can pass through the eye with some coaxing but we recommend purchasing large carabiners for attaching to each corner ceiling hook, as well as to each corner of the bed swing. This will allow to detach the bed swing easily in case you need to do so.

Q. How should I care for my fabric?

A. Brush off loose dirt and then spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap, allowing cleaning solution to soak into the fabric. After waiting, use a soft bristled brush to loosen particles. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow to air dry. For more extensive cleaning for stubborn stains please see Sunbrella "How To Clean" or to view more info about fabrics review our Sunbrella Brand Page.

Q. Do you provide different hanging accessories for my Bed Swing?

A. Yes, however, it is not included in the price unless otherwise stated in the product description page. You can select hanging options and choose the desired hanging source (chain, rope, S hooks) and desired length needed.

Q. Can I provide my own fabric?

A. Yes, customers may provide their own material (COM) for creating pillows and cushions. Please ask for pricing on this option, as it will vary.

Q. Will the mattress and cushions fit on an existing Bed Swing I have or that I purchase from someone else?

A. We can make any custom size mattress if we receive the exact dimensions that you desire.

Q. Can I match my Bed Swing with an existing color I have?

A. Yes, we can match the fabrics of your Bed Swing with our Sherwin Williams or Spectrum (Benjamin Moore) paint colors. Please included this in your notes at checkout. To view our finish options click our Bed Swing Finishes.

Q. Does the Bed Swing come assembled or in pieces to be put together?

A.Currently, our bed swings are shipped fully assembled.