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Adjustable back bed swing

Hanging Bed Swings

Our bed swings are handcrafted and customizable in size and style and we ship nationwide.

Step 1: Select bed swing style and size

Select from a broad a range of bed swing styles and sizes. Our bed swings are also customizable so we can build to your imagination.

Step 2: Select wood type and finish

We hand select only the best quality of wood from any species we use but we predominantly use Kiln Dried Architectural Grade Pine. However, you may choose from a variety of wood species and then select a paint color or stain of your choice. If you want to save money and DIY you may opt to have it unfinished in raw wood.

Step 3: Select hanging option

We offer a range of styles such as ropes, chains, shepherd hooks, and stainless cables to finalize your hanging bed swing’s look. However, Manilla Rope is the most popular choice.

Step 4: Select your fabrics

Choosing your fabrics for the mattress cushion and pillows is one of the most important aspects of buying a bed swing because they complete the look. Need suggestions on matching fabrics? Give us a few colors to work with and our Design Team will offer matching suggestions that will look great!