Bed Swing Hanging Instructions

Bed Swing Hanging Instructions

1. It is recommended that a licensed contractor install your bed swing. The licensed contractor should make sure the joists are at least a 2" x 6" boards and/or make additional supports or brackets that will securely and safely hold the bed swing. The following is a guideline for bed swing hanging instructions.

2. To start, determine the approximate location or placement of the Bed Swing. Once in place we recommend marking the floor with tape at the locations of the four corners as well as the locations where eyebolts on the bed swing will be secured.

3. Remove the bed swing from the area to begin the hanging procedure.

4. If not already installed, insert 1 eye bolt into one of the 4 pre-drilled holes located on the bottom outside corners of the Swing Bed or other pre determined location, depending on bed swing design. Do not over or under tighten but make sure the threads of the eyebolt are just flush with the wood frame and not showing.

5. Each eyebolt from the ceiling should line up directly or as closely as possible to each eyebolt located on the Bed Swing below. Measure and mark the ceiling where each eyebolt needs to be placed. Pre-drill holes for each eyebolt that will be used to safely and securely mount into the joist. Insert each eyebolt into the properly marked position in the ceiling to suspend the chain, rope or other hanging option. Make sure the eyebolts are secure and threads are flush with the ceiling.

6. Connect each rope, chain or other hanging option to each of the four corners of the eye bolts in the ceiling..

5. Move the Bed Swing back to the location where it will be suspended. It is typical to raise the bed swing to approxiamtely 18" - 22" from the floor. To do so, place supports on each side of the bed swing (usually the height of at least a five gallon bucket on each side will suffice). But make sure it is properly secure before proceeding.

7. Connect each rope or other hanging option to the four corners of the bed swing. Depending on your bed swing style either tie a knot to securely hold or attach by metal shackles. Any extra rope can be cut off for your desired length. Rope will have a tendency to stretch and will need to be re-tied after maybe 6 months, depending on your environment.

8. Make sure the Bed Swing is level and secure before use.

9. Relax, enjoy and Swing away.