Pillow Package
Pillow Package

Sunbrella Outdoor Cushion Packages

Choose from one of our pre-packaged cushion and pillow combinations for our swing beds or let your creativity flow and select your fabric texture, color and pattern and then accessorize with an assortment of pillow combinations. We offer many different styles of cushions to compliment your furniture, from mattresses and lumbar pillows that snugly form to your hanging bed swing, to traditional back support and throw pillows.

Our Designer Mattress and Pillows Collections include:

  • Twin Size- 3 Large Back Support Pillows (29"x29")
  • Twin Size- 2 Small Decorative Pillows (18” x 18”)
  • Twin Size- 2 Bolsters (8” x 36")
  • Twin Size- 1 Lumbar Pillow (12"x 28")
  • Custom Small- 3 Large Back Support Pillows (26"x26")
  • Custom Small- 2 Small Decorative Pillows (18” x 18”)
  • Custom Small- 2 Bolsters (8” x 32")
  • Custom Small- 1 Lumbar Pillow (12"x 24")